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"Grass Knot." Mikaela whispers.
Mikaela summons the grass to bind the Umbreon legs and arms carefully. It's more than enough to keep him down. Mikaela smirks and giggles a bit.
"I hope you are ready for some fun, Drew!"

Drew dreams about being famous for his secret ambition as a singer.
None know this. In his dream, his voice is excellent, the entire audience loved it.
He suddenly felt something like a poke on his stomach and he squeals.
The dream-audience is not noticing this however.
Suddenly,  something seems to spider it and he falls down on the floor.

"Teehee, I was right!"
Mikaela spiders over Drews belly, causing the sleeping Umbreon to writhe about and giggle.
"Stahahahahahhap!" Drew squeals, and suddenly wakes up.

"Uh…what happened…Mikaela? Cool that you are here!
…Why are my legs tied?!"
Mikaela makes an evil grin and giggles.
"Oh, nothing…I'm just going to have some fun with you!"
Drew begin sweating a bit.
"Uh…w-what fun?"
Drew begins to feel that he won't like the answer.
"Oh, nothing…." Mikaela says innocently, and squeeze his sides, causing the binded  Umbreon to squeak loudly.
"Stop that!" Drew begins to try to get out of his binds.
Mikalea looks at him with a very sly face.
Drew's eyes widen.
"D-don't tell me…it was you that did that?"
"I did!" Mikaela grins.
Drew tries to get up, but his efforts is useless as he is not only binded, but sitting in a very bad position.
"No! Please don't  tickle me!"
"Aww, another reason to!"
Drew's eyes somehow widen even more as Mikaela jumps on him and stroke her paws under his arms.
"Noahahahahahhahahahahahahaha! Mikahahahahhahaelaahahahha dohohohoohn't!"
Drew blushes and tries uselessly to get free.
"Never! Kithcy kitchy koo!"
"Nohohohohohohoot thatahahhahat too!"
Drew tries to clamp his arms shut, but the binds hold them there.
"Pleahahahahhahahahhase! Nohohohohohooho!"
Mikaela then let her tail work on his underarms while she uses her paws on his abdomen.
Drew's face is red of emberassment, and tears begin to form.
Drew closes his eyes , and his giggles go up in hysterics.
"Nohohohohohoohohoho mohohohohore! Stohohohohohoops, pleahahahahhahse!"
"No way! You're laugh is just so adorable!"
Mikaela's tail then switches places with her paws, and this causes the poor Umbreon's giggles to rise even higher. And his eyes go open.
Mikaela stops for a second when she eyes his paws.
Drew pants and  gasps for air.
W-w….why did you...s-stop?"
He then sees what Mikaela is looking at.
"No…no way…Mikaela….anywhere…anywhere but there…please…"
Mikaela just grins evily.
"Scared now? Well I suppose I should stop…not! I can't pass up on this!"
She then claws up and down the soles of the Umbreon's paws, while her tail now works on his belly..
The result is instant. The Umbreon's face reddens even more, and he laughs now.
High and loud.
The poor Umbreon can't form sentences at all.
"Oh no…I don't want you to die!"
She stops her assault on his belly.
Then Mikaela decides to be evil, and licks them.
Drew is now screaming with laughter.
After a few seconds, he goes into silent laughter.
Mikaela begins to worry, and ceases her attack.
The Umbreon gasps for air, still giggling and laughing.
Mikaela hurries up and undo the binds as the Umbreon falls unconscious.
"Ooops…I overdid it…"

Mikaela runs home to get a bucket.
"Finnished with your walk, dear?" Mrs. Minson asks.
She shouts with the handle of the bucket in her mouth.
Mrs. Minson stares after her daughter.
"I wonder sometimes what's up with that girl…oh well, she's a good child."
Mikaela quickly fills the bucket and pours the water on Drew, which awakens instantly.
Mikaela then bursts out with apologies.
"I'm so sorry Drew, it just semt like a good idea, I'm so sorry, I'm so glad you survived, please forgive me!"
Mikaela almost tears up.
" I forgive you,just get me up Mikaela."
"I know it was bad, sorry!"
"Hey! I said I forgive you! Get me up, please!"
"Oh, sorry…"
Mikaela drags the Umbreon up.
"Sorry again."
Drew smiles.
"I suppose you just wanted to have some fun with this Umbreon, that just happens to be the most sensitive you could ever encounter…" he laughs for himself.
Mikaela then lights up.
"Can we do this another time?"
He sighs.
"Fine, just no bondage or almost killing me like that!"
Mikaela giggles.
Drew then smirks.
Drew then walk toward Mikaela.
"How about you?"
Mikaela sweats and tries to run away.
"Oh no, that won't work!"
Drew catches her legs, and sit on her.
"I'm in trouble now!"
Mikaela says, a little scared and in glee at the same time.
"Oh ho, you are."
Drew then strokes his tail under her arms.
"Ehehehehehhehehehehe!" Mikaela giggles cutely.
"How about this?"
Drew then claws her paws at the same time.
This causes her to shriek with laughter.
"Uh, uh….not after what I went through…tickle tickle, little Espeon!"
The Espeon goes ballistic with laughter.
But Drew makes a mistake, and Mikaela takes the opportunity, and squeeze his belly.
Drew then falls off, and he is immediately pinned down by Mikaela.
"Revenge, revenge!"
And the two had great fun till the dawn, as laughter erupted through the forest.
A request by :iconultima-squirrel:
The last part, figured I should post it since I seems well to do so.
Oh, and another thing. Please don't request me unless you want a tickling story(which I am better at), or you have something not too hard, since I am in a state of slight writers block, so I can only squeeze out a poem or so unless I sit in front of a story in a few minutes and really think...i might manage this in a while though.
(Ultima, if you have a better title, please tell me)
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It was really cute. Thank you, sir!
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