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June 9, 2011
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Let's see now...that Mamono...the one that attacked me most be a Giggle Goblin...
Is she still there?

I go back to the entrance, and Indeed, she is there!

"It's that...that Goblin again!" I say.
She suddenly seems happy...but more like I'm-gonna-get-you-now-delicious-human-happy.

"Here she comes again!" I say.


Giggle Goblin emerged!

"You're going to see that I'm not your lunch!"

" I need to practice my special skill.
Well let's see what I have to work with."

My tracking skills as a Ranger allows me to observe Mamono and learn more about them.
I can unlcok more information as I improve this, while also weakening Mamono with the "Studied" state.
At it's highest level,
Observe can allow me to learn a Mamono's "Aspect" allowing me to use its skills through Mamonology.

I get ready to study...

Giggle Goblin grabs my ankle and tickles my foot!
I cackle and pounds my fists against the ground!
I loses 4 Stamina!

I took a good look at the enemy!
I learned more about the enemy!

"Now I'll be taking a shot!"

I get ready to tickle...

Giggle Goblin tickles my ribs!
I loses 5 Stamina!

I tickles her belly!
she cackles and swats my hands away!
Giggle Goblin loses 14 Stamina!
"I'll stick to that."

I get ready to tickle...
I tickles her belly!
she cackles and swats my hands away!
Giggle Goblin loses 14 Stamina!

Giggle Goblin eats a Fruit of Knismesis!
Giggle Goblin recovered 10 Stamina!

I get ready to tickle...


Giggle Goblin pinches and pokes my belly!
I laugh and bat away her hands!
"I loses 4 Stamina!

"I told you I'm not your lunch!"

I tickles her belly!
she cackles and swats my hands away!
Giggle Goblin loses 13 Stamina!

I was victorious!
15 EXP were received!

I'm now Level 2!

Stamina 36 -> 72
Adrenaline 3 -> 6
Proficiency 3 -> 6
Endurance 4 -> 7
Technique 4 -> 7
Agility 2 -> 5

The Giggle Goblin collapses on the ground laughing and trembling,
her body slowly dissolving into dust until, POOF!
It's gone!

"That's two down...I'm on the vengeance roll today, huh? Gotta report back to that crazy bee..." I say.

I run back to Honey Bee...

"So how did it go? Did you like your power?" she asks.


"I was really useful.
It will definitively make surviving in this weird place easier." I say.

"Now that you have the proper training, you need the proper tools!
This is a Tickle Essence jar,
which can be used to capture the energy Mamono feed on when you defeat them." she says.

I got the Tickle essence Jar!

"How in the world will that benefit me?
I'm not a Mamono!" I shout in confusion.

"No...but some Mamono can't gather essence on their own and they'll give you neat stuff for yours!" she says.

Good to know...

I sweat a little though...

"I suppose you know where one is?" I say.

"Yup! She lives in the Knismesis Village.
She's in disguise, so you'll have to look for anything that seems out of place or just strange.
On your Way, fight a few Mamono in the forest to gather some Tickle Essence for her!" She says.

" this place...right...I'm never going to find this chick..." I say.

Quest Updated: Honey Bee's Training!
Defeat of Giggle Goblin.

I do not own the Tower of Gargalesis, it belongs to DeusExProcella on Tickle Theater, and *NeoChaosLarry here, the original Mamono belongs to Kenkou Kurosu. I just added some lines in battle, and some showing what Silya is thinking.

Picture: Giggle Goblin/Goblin.
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Malort75 Jun 10, 2011  Professional General Artist
Very good, and I learned more words from here, Ha ha!
DarkMatery Jun 11, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks, and great he and I teached you them:) What did you learn?
Malort75 Jun 11, 2011  Professional General Artist
For example I didnt's knew what were "ribs".
DarkMatery Jun 11, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
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