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I run to the fairy, and heals a bit.

"Hello, Lyra! Do you need me to heal you?" She asks.
"Yes." I answer.
"Yay! Here we go..."

"Good luck! I can't wait to help you again!" She says.

I confront the Mamono.

The Mamono grins and climbs off the woman, advancing on me with a hungry glare! I take a nervous step back, but steel
myself for the coming battle!


Chuckle Oni emerged!

" on!"

I get ready to cast a spell...

I cast Feather Fire!
The monster squeals and dances in place, feathery flames licking her body!
Chuckle Oni loses 20 Stamina!

Chuckle Oni tickles!
A brutal tickle!
I loses 56 Stamina!

Time for the Tomato Juice...
I recovered 30 Stamina!

Chuckle Oni grins wickedly!

Chuckle Oni tickles my ribs!
I loses 48 Stamina!
I can't keep fighting!
Oh....I....I lost....

The Mamono tackles me to the ground, panting excitedly and laughing in a rough, throaty voice.
With unbelievable strength,
she rips the roots from the base of a tree, and ties my wrists to it. She licks her lips and jerks another
root from the ground, using it to tie my ankles together.
She sits back and takes a long swig from her jar of bitter smelling liquid.
Toungue hanging out, drool dripping down her lips, she simply watches me struggle, her eyes tracing
my body, finally stopping at my wiggling feet. She takes another drink and wraps her ankles around me,
her arms around my ankles, and takes a long sniff of my feet. Giggling nervously, I curl my toes and try to stretch
my feet away from her nose. The Mamono only grins and becomes even more enticed.
Without further pomp and circumstance, she takes a long, slimy lick of my bare soles.
I squirm and wiggle, biting back an awkward snort-giggle. The Mamono moans and giggles, taking a longer, slower lick.
She flicks her tongue across my toes and the dam breaks, and squeals and giggles pour out.
The Oni squeals and giggles, pulling my feet closer and nibbling and slurping on my arches. Now that I've lost my will, I scream
and trash against the roots, laughing louder and harder, She sticks my toes in her mouth and sucks and nibbles on each one,
moaning and giggling, hugging my legs tighter. I try kicking her in the face, but it only seems to make her happier!
The Oni takes a long sniff of my drool-ridden feet and grins coming back for seconds! I throw my head back and
laugh...and laugh...and laugh...

I lost.
(Is this Mature Content?)

I don't own the Tower of Gargalesis, I only made it a me-story, and added stuff.

Picture: Chuckle Oni.
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Captain-Tickles Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Can you do more defeats
Oh no... you lost...
DarkMatery Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
She seriously trashed me:O
And getting tickled like that... That's the worst torture I can imagine...
DarkMatery Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I know. And if you wonder how this one can possibly be, look at the updated with prewiew image.(the same as I'm talking on right now!):)
Not quite what I imagined... she looks drunk
DarkMatery Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
That's probabely because of the orginal information. There it says:"Thei faveourite food is sake, therefore they spend most of their lifes drunk." What did you imagine?:)
Hmm, it makes sense after all...
DarkMatery Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
:nod::) btw, I will continue on it, I'll make it so Lyra is by miracle moved backwards in time.
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