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To make use of my one-dad premium, here I go...*ahem*: What strikes me first was the in fathomable cuteness. It's really too cute... Wh...



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You really think it's going to be productive to bombard us with ridiculous laws that even an infant would know is wrong?
This time he tries with ACTA. (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement)
I quote: "The demise of SOPA and PIPA, as temporary as it may be,  means attention is now turning to ACTA (the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement).  ACTA is a trade agreement that has already been signed by the United States and is even worse than SOP/PIPA.  Trade Agreements do not require the same type of scrutiny that bills and laws do so ACTA was able to squeak by unnoticed. Australia, Canada, the European Union, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States are all signatories, but pressure is already being applied to other countries to join. The EU has not yet signed ACTA but has to do so before May 2013.

As with SOPA and PIPA, ACTA takes a fairly bland idea – the right of companies to profit from their own intellectual property – and turns it into a governmental power grab and an excuse to weaken privacy on the Internet. The reason the activists are turning their attention to ACTA is that it provides the basis to criminalize almost any online activity. ACTA will give governments and large corporations the pretext to shut down any site, and imprison its owners, should there be political or corporate objections to that site's content.Imagine a site runs a political story which is objectionable to someone in power. The site perhaps can't be shut down because of that story, but ACTA will allow the authorities to find some other obscure breach that can be used. That's also true of SOPA and PIPA."
(original article:…)
In other words, they could make you vulnerable, and punish you for it later. And it STILl will sue you, imprison you, or even disconnect you from Internet!

Smith. You must be pushed down from that chair of yours. Yes, the chair. I have blabbed about chairs a lot today, where I say I want to throw chairs at some of the people in ym school for polluting around. Now I want YOU, Lamar to step down of that. Lest you want a few kicks to your face.


A very cute wordless Touhou comic series about the people in the SDM, called Life of A Maid.:iconomgsocuteplz: here is page 1…
(WARNING: For whatever reason, there will be ads on the left side after picking a page...and they may be disturbing.)
Adorable pages::aww:…  (Patchy is just totally kawaii...)…   (Flan is cute here.)…; (Chibi-Yuyuko is just "Awww" here.^^)…  (Remi is a bit disappointed...but Chibi Yu clears up things!)… (Incredibly cute...:aww:)… (The cow's secret weapon: adorableness! :iconblushingplz:… (This one is more funny than cute. Meet Keine, human friend and history teacher. Also a were-Hakutaku. Not a history teacher to mess with!:XD:)

EDIT: Yay.:XD:

Tagged by Ka-chan, AKA :iconflakchen:


1. You must post these rules (VERY Important).
2. Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6. No tag backs

10 things about me:

1) I LOVE TOUHOU!:dummy:

2) ...and I am about the only one around these parts knowing about it.^^;

3) I am almost never seen without a book in the recesses.

4) I'm maybe best in RPGs, but I am doing awesomely in dodging the insanity of Danmaku for a newbie.:D

5) I'm also shy. I'd rather speak  to an account rather than a face.^^;

6)My knowledge in most is quite good.^^ But none in the school is worse than me in math.

7) I tend to "go zombie" sometimes.^^;

8) I study. But rarely at home.^^; MY COMPUTER DRAWS MY ATTENTION.:noes:

9) Indeed, I will imagine someone mean dead, but I cannot of course actually make them.

10) I'm an anime fan.:D


1) What's your favourite movie?
Too many.^^;

2) Would you ever go to moon if it's possible?
My hikkikomori lifestyle forbids it. Unless something bad happens that is.:O

3) What's your biggest dream?
You know, I'm a big dreamer. I want to become a physics professor, a famous writer, an advocate,(due to getting to know about Phoenix Wright) and lots of other things.^^;

4) Ever thought about loving the same gender?
Indeed, I am womanly.:) But I do really hate that most of the boys around here is just plain stupid. :icongrumpyplz:

5) Do you have pets? :3
Used tol My father disallowed any more because he is still regretting my rats' death.(No, he didn't kill them, allthough he was close to, due to feeding the first one peanutbutter. And he choked a lot.:O

6) Which colour has your iPod? If you have no iPod, then what's the colour of your mobile phone?
White.:)(As in I do. Don't use it though.^^;)

7) Tea with Milk or Hot chocolate?
I'd rather take the tea, at least by how I am feeling right now.^^;

8) Are you listening to something right now?
Yes, if lots of storming inside my brain counts.^^;

9) Are you in love? :3

10) Last question, YAAAY. Ever had problems with your neighbours?
Not at all.:)

For mine.:)

1)Do you know what Touhou is?

2) Would you like to KNOW what it is?:D

3)What is your biggest NERDISH dream?:meow:

4) Do you regret your gender?(I do sometimes.)

5) U gamer?

6) Let's say you try Touhou. You find four teams, featuring a vampire/knife-throwing maid, shrine maiden/youkai, witch/doll master and ghost princess/half ghost. Which would you try?

7) What is your reaction to my signature? ("I used to have no life, until I lost many of them by Killer Doll au la Sakuya."

8)Are you CRAAAAAZYYYY?! (You are a nice gamer if you get the reference.:XD:)

9) Do you enjoy reading?

10) Patchouli-sama would like to cast Royal Flare to your face. Which DANMAAAAAAAAAAAKUUUUUUUUUUUU would you like to use?
Mushou Fuin
Mastah Sparku
Evil Sealingu Curcel

(Lot's of Touhou there.:XD:)
EDIT: And time for a meme!

Tagged by:iconpawsnfurs:

1. You should paste these rules (very very important)
2. Answering the questions of who you're tagged by, and create ten new questions for people that you are tagged.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons in this journal.
4. Go to the profiles of the people you've tagged and tell them that have been tagged.

1. Who is your number 1 all time favorite fictional character? (I'm sure you all know mine)
I must say Patchouli Knowledge-sama!:dummy:

2. What is your favorite web series? (Mine is Red Vs Blue)
Haven't seen many, so T.O.M.E must be it.

3. Whats your zombie plan?
Take Risanderu's Grimoire and fight.:XD:

4. Whats the best movie you've ever seen?
I cannot decide!^^;

5. Who's the person you hate the most?
Myself. For hating others.

6. If you could do anything for a day, what would you do?

Play Touhou. Lots of Touhou.

7. Whats your favorite emoticon?
I guess I am used to use "^^;" ^^;

8. If you could "do" anyone (real or fictional) who would it be?
That would be tickling a Pikachu.:iconnosebleedingplz:

9. Whats the most funniest damn  thing you've ever seen?

I think PewDiePie whining while he plays Ao Oni.

10. Do you want a hug?

  • Mood: Amazed
  • Listening to: N/A
  • Reading: Life of A Maid
  • Watching: N/A
  • Playing: N/A
  • Eating: N/A
  • Drinking: N/A


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Though I really stink at drawing, I seem to have talent for poetry and storywriting. ^^ Please look in my gallery and see if you find something you like.

Current Residence: Norway
deviantWEAR sizing preference: nothing
Print preference: nothing
Favourite genre of music: Classic,Folk music.Rock sometimes. and just every calm music!
Favourite photographer: eh, never heard about someone.
Favourite style of art: oh, I just like the most, really!
Operating System: nothing
MP3 player of choice: hmm... Ipod Nano, perhaphs?
Shell of choice: Not sure...
Wallpaper of choice: Everything!
Skin of choice: My own.
Favourite cartoon character: Sailor Moon, and Sailor Mercury
Personal Quote: Skii!Skii!banzola mianto vo?

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